CH 'PR' Skyland Sweet Dominica

Registered Name:  CH 'PR' Skyland Sweet Dominica

Call Name:  Nica

Birth Date: December 19, 2012

Sire:  GRCH 'PR' Bashaba Murphy

Dam:  GreatMountain CH 'PR' Ningo Saba (Saba)

Status: Spayed female

OFA:  Good

Cerf:  Normal

Height:  21.5"

Weight:  50 lbs.

Nica is an extremely silly, energetic and intelligent Chinook - a scary combination !  She loves playing with her mother and is an amazing sled dog, full of drive.

Nica was from our second litter and was the "troublemaker" of the bunch - being the first dog to learn how to escape the whelping box, the first dog out of the puppy playpen, etc.  She took to her new pack immediately - wanting to be the alpha dog, but learning that "Uncle Kusko" already has that spot !

Nica is named the for island of Dominica in the Lesser Antilles, and her name "Sweet" is in honor of Glendon's Sweety, the foundation dog of the cross line from which she is descended.  

Nica - 1 week old with her toy

She was a pretty cute puppy !

Kusko seems to like her

Atlin thinks she's ok too ...

Nica took to the snow very early

And continues to love the snow

Pulling with her mom - Nica has great drive !

... and now napping with her mom

Nica, trying to be the lead dog with the pack