Vanguard Aniak Trav'ler in Skyland

Registered Name: Vanguard Aniak Trav'ler in Skyland

Call Name: Ani

Birth Date: November 4, 2018

Sire:  'PR' Hurricane Pilchuck in the Rain

Dam: CH Bashaba Naunbat Nashira

Status: Open female

OFA:  Good

Cerf:  Normal

Height:  22.5"

Weight:  48 lbs

Aniak seems to be a crazy, smart puppy, taking after her mother's legendary escape abilities. She was housebroken within 3 days of arriving, and has already started learning how to open doors inward!

Initially intimidated by "Auntie Nica", she soon figured out what a great playmate she had, and wants nothing more than to play with her pack. She is a rock solid dog, adapting to new situations quickly and asking to be admired by anyone she meets.

Aniak is named after the river and town of Aniak, Alaska, flowing into the Kuskokwim river (hence the tie in to our first Chinook, Kusko). The name "Trav'ler" is in honor of Kusko's mother.

Aniak at 8 weeks with Ryan

Just coming home

Settling in with Nica

Yummy keys

Snuggling with Atlin

and tuckered out ...

Already a snow dog

... and now napping with Atlin

Brought to you by the letter L

Looking regal with the new puppy

Already part of the pack